Building resilience
in the workplace

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Elin Boyle, Ysgol Plasmawr High School, Cardiff


In 2013/14 sick absences due to stress and/or anxiety made up 39% of all absences from work resulting in a total of 11.3 million working days lost.  Stress management is a huge problem for businesses today, and yet it can be a very sensitive area to tackle for both the organisation and the individual involved.


In a time when people are feeling the pressure of juggling work, home life and financial expectations versus companies needing to be increasingly more productive and profitable; addressing and managing employee stress and promoting personal wellbeing can improve the working environment.


Through various stress management and wellbeing techniques and organisational processes, individuals and teams can be given the tools needed to better look after their mental, emotional and physical wellbeing, which will empower employees to improve resilience towards personal and work pressures therefore creating a coherent and happier workforce, and in turn make for a more successful workplace.